About this Stream of Consciousness

In the beginning...I sold my first computer program - a copy of the Lunar Lander game in Focal - at age twelve. My thesis at MIT was NewsPeek: a Knowledge-based Open Access News and Information Retrieval System which (AFAIK) was the first electronic personalized (newspaper) media. Since then, I have been designing and implementing systems that enable personalization while supporting the right to privacy. Some recent forays into the field include:

  • In 2000, I co-founded OpenPrivacy, working to create a level playing field in the online digital marketplace;
  • In 2002, I began work with the Identity Commons as their Chief Technology Officer; and
  • In 2004, I co-founded 2idi, which created the world's first i-names i-broker.

In 2005 I joined CivicActions, an online consulting and services company helping non-profits and NGOs reach their goals. Along with doing good work for great organizations that make a difference, what is particularly exciting for me is that I believe CivicActions can act as the launch pad for responsible, reputable identity-based communities. There is yet another passion that drives me: my family. I met Elaine in 1998 and we had our son Steven in 2001 - what incredible joy!

What will I write about?

This is a stream of consciousness about the possibilities of technology and social media in the hands of the empowered masses. It started with my thesis at M.I.T. and now I'm living it. Call me the father of personalized media - though Steven prefers plain ol' Dad. And if there's a dose of political commentary and common sense thrown in for good measure, well, it's much needed. You can contact me here or via my i-name contact page at =Fen.Labalme