spineless Democrats

Haven't blogged in a while - I'm just getting used to this - and I feel I need to practice...

It strikes me that the Democrats seem to be so incapable of mounting an offensive against a president that clearly fabricated evidence to pull this country into a costly (in many ways) war, while the Republicans never seem to be at a loss to take a simple issue (like a President's mistress) and blow it up into an impeachable offense.

Another sad thing to watch is the trouble the Dems have in raising money. After all, they simply want to better the environment, help our schools, lower the deficit and generally create a better world.

Meanwhile, when a Republican buys a candidate, er, makes a contribution, he can be sure that it will result in profits for their business - an immediate financial ROI. In other words, it's a no-brainer for anyone with a large and growing asset base.

Now, I can't say I really like either party - but doesn't anyone in the Democratic party get that they have to be mean to play in this game?