More Silliness: Plastic Disposable Razors

We are now aware - or should be aware - that anything that is "plastic and disposable" should be avoided whenever possible. Plastic is a petroleum product and isn't bio-degradable, as horrifically evidenced by the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

the Cause

Last night I had a most enjoyable experience listening to the Cause, a Greatful Dead, Beatles, Dylan etc. cover band that also tossed in a few of their own (notably "Never Alone" written by Pappy, the lead guitarist). During my 25 years in Santa Cruz and San Francisco I was fortunate to see the Grateful Dead several hundred times and was (nearly) always pleased by how "live" the band was in a very improvisational jazz kind of way.

And now for some good news

I've just added the Great News Network to my news bookmarks.

What a treat to have some good news for a change!

Letting Go

I've been running my web servers off of a machine in my home office for eleven years (since August 1993).

Testing Net::Blogger

First step toward direct Emacs editing of blog entries

First blog

OK - so I finally installed MovableType (v 2.64) and I'm going to see if this format works for me.

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