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Loving Xubuntu, Docker, Traefik and LetsEncrypt!

I run about 20 websites on my basement Xubuntu server. Several years ago I migrated all my sites into various Docker containers and set them up behind the Traefik reverse proxy with automated LetsEncrypt SSL certificate creation using the Acme V1 protocol.

CiviCRM Developer Training in NYC

I attended a CiviCRM Developers Training on the 9th and 10th of September in New York City along with about 20 others including four members of the CiviCRM core team (Donald Lobo, Kurand Jalmi, David Greenberg and Yashodha Chaku).  The sessions were a mix of existing site presentations, new CiviCRM v3.0 feature demonstrations, and hands on configuration and coding.

Why can't I sync my iPhone 3G to Linux?

I've got an Ubuntu desktop and, yes, an Apple Powerbook. With the latter, I can sync music to the iPhone with (of course) iTunes. But though the free and open source Amarok could sync music with the older iPhones, the new version 3 iPhone software makes this impossible. The recommended way to do it is using a virtual machine running MS Windows, which I use Mac and Linux to avoid!

Apple - please offer a solution for Free Software syncing.

DrupalCon DC 2009: Quality Assurance and the Drupal Development Process

At DrupalCon DC 2009 I co-presented a talk on Quality Assurance and the Drupal Development Process with fellow CivicActions' team member Nathaniel Catchpole. We covered how agile techniques such as User Stories, Acceptance Tests and Test Driven Design (e.g., using SimpleTest, phpunit or Selenium) can be used pro-actively, before trouble is discovered.

Open source rant

The following is a rant on Open Source vs. Free Software, with Java as the protagonist. While I am pragmatic and appreciate what Java offers (fast development, powerful tools, strong support) I have also voiced at times my concerns over its use, particularly within the non-profit and NGO markets that we have been looking at pursuing.

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