'Digital privacy does not really exist'

Good Q&A in Politico on (the lack) of online privacy.  I agree that 'Digital privacy does not really exist' though I also believe there's a better chance for it online then there is in person. Back in 1998 David Brin's The Transparent Society foresaw the erosion of privacy partly due to low cost surveillance - what we now call IoT. With camera and microphones everywhere - including the phones in our pockets - it's difficult to escape our every action being recorded.

Stop data violence and give users control over their information

The big boys are starting to say that people should own their own data. This is great to see; we've been talking about an Identity Commons for some time now...

What would be your answer to the Answer Man?

Listening to the Cause last night, the last line from St. Stephen (written by Robert Hunter and Jerry Garcia) struck me: "What would be your answer to the Answer Man?"  Though I've heard this line sung so many times before, this time my brain mapped it differently than I have before, with Google (plus all other hunter/gatherers of personal information - I'm looking at you, Facebook and Amazon) playing the part of the Answer Man.

Distributed Social Networking requires Secure Online Identity

The recent Facebook vs. Your Privacy uproar has ignited a firestorm of activity, of which Diaspora* is the most recent viral player.  (In related news: EFF responded today with A Bill of Privacy Rights for Social Network Users but it continues under the assumption that your data is stored in each social network's data silo and is not generally available to you to manage and share exactly as you wish.)

Google's Friend Connect vs. Your Privacy

Google is announcing Friend Connect tonight, a service advertised to "help website owners grow traffic by enabling any site on the web to easily provide social features for its visitors." Friend Connect employs OpenID and OAuth which is a good start, but how it puts them together is lacking vision and, disturbingly, may raise significant privacy concerns.

Internet Identity Workshop Dec 3-5

Just finished installing OpenID into the IIW MediaWiki - please see

This was much harder than it should have been, as there are multiple OpenID plugins that claim to work with MediaWiki, and several of these claim to work with the latest OpenID-2.0.0-rc5 but finally the new version 0.7.0 of the standard MediaWiki OpenID extension fit the bill perfectly after dropping back to the v1.2.3 library.

IIW, Day One

Day one at the Internet Identity Workshop, or IIW2007, began with Eugene Kim - Chairman-elect of Identity Commons ("2.0", now with rounded corners), asking those attending their first IIW to stand up - over two-thirds of the 150 or so people in the room stood up. This is a great trend - the word is getting out!

the "poor mans i-name"

Phil Windley blogged about, a full service OpenId provider that gives you access to services off of a single .name URL. This starts to give a taste of what i-names can do, though it is - while clever - somewhat simplistic.

Don't forget Reputation

Many of us celebrated when it was announced that AOL has embraced OpenID. Does that bring us any closer to the goal of secure, privacy protected user-centric digital identity that empowers users, leveling the playing field between them and service providers to the great benefit of both? (OK, that's my goal, but maybe some of you may share it.) I say: no.

User-Centric Identity coming soon to Drupal

When you log into a community site, say LinkedIn or Tribe, you provide them with information about you which they now control.

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