Rachel Carson and the Silent Spring

I work at CivicActions where we provide online consulting and services for non-profits and progressive organizations. We host websites on a variety of machines (servers) each given a different name so that we can refer to them easily. Civicactions.com resides on a server named 'carson', named after Rachel Carson, author of Silent Spring and credited with helping to advance the environmental movement.

As I support the environmental movement and live in the city with the Rachel Carson bridge (one of the "three sisters", the other two being the Roberto Clemente and Andy Warhol bridges), I found this article about the continuing fight over pesticides to be interesting: Rachel Carson, killer of Africans?. I'm sure Ms. Carson, were she alive today, would be quite concerned about the pervasively used Roundup herbicide which has been linked to Parkinson’s-related brain damage. We've still got a long way to