Letting Go

I've been running my web servers off of a machine in my home office for eleven years (since August 1993). Originally it was a 486 DX/66 running NetBSD 0.8 and now it's an Athlon XP-2600 running Debian GNU/Linux.) And I've been running my mail servers off the same box since 1997.

Today (with the help of a hired gun not to mention my incredibly generous patron who bought the new machine) all web and mail services are at a colo facility.

While this is better in every way, nonetheless I feel a certain emptiness as this marks the end of an era - I no longer own that machine that runs my services (though I am still - at least for the time being - in control of it).

Well, change is always difficult for me. And yet, change always brings me great new insights and opportunities. Maybe I'll find some more time to spend with my lovely wife and son.