Kerry, please

I'm trying to get work done (ok, I am getting work done) but I'm also nervous as all get out regarding the results of the election. Who are these people who can vote for Bush when it's been proven that he's lied to the American public about WMDs, the link between Iraq and al Quaeda not to mention his domestic promises for better health care, schools and jobs?

If Bush wins again, I think that any slack that the rest of the world has given U.S. citizens will dry up, as we can be fooled once, but if we vote for the guy a second time we're obviously just not aware of what's really going on. And since our media is corporate controlled, the sad thing is that most of the American public is not aware of what's going on.

To that end, here's a plug for Joshua Marshall's Talking Points Memo blog - one of the better sources of information I have found. A pointer from his site led me to these bios on the two judges who brought back the poll challengers in Ohio among other things.

Well, I sit here, work and - though I am not one for religion, especiallly these days as W tells us he can "feel your prayers" - pray that sanity will come from this election. And once Kerry wins, I expect I'll continue to be mad as the changes that need to be made - such as corporate accountability, environmental protection, campaign finance reform, and a safe and sane foreign policy - will not be implemented fast enough and in a comprehensive enough manner that is needed by the U.S. - and the world - today.