Vying for your Attention

The problem with both Root and Attention Trust is that they collect, store and use your data in ways that are not always under your control, and you have no recourse other than to delete your data so they can't use it anymore - assuming they actually delete it. It's a fairly serious privacy issue, the upside being that you get to choose your Big Brother.

It would be far preferable to have direct control over your data, acquire and store it in open standard formats, and be able to either market it directly or contract with a third party to do such marketing for you. When doing so, you could use onion routing to provide them with your online contact info, so that you would be protected in case they started selling your data in ways against your contract (always a possibility) at which point you could simply sever the connection, leaving them with "headless data" - that is, data useful in aggregate but not connected to any definable person.

Since the data is owned by you to begin with, and transferred/stored in open formats, you would be able to easily contract with new service providers. It would, of course, be in their best interest to "play fair," knowing that you are really in control. Only on a level playing field can there be a true "win-win."