An Inconvenient Truth

My wife and I are eagerly looking forward to seeing the movie An Inconvenient Truth - we'd have seen it already if we had baby sitting lined up, and have arranged for this on the 19th of June. I'm confident that the movie will move us deeply. I just read a colleague's blog post on the movie, and I received the list of links below from another close friend. (A second post from the same colleague is particularly germane to this topic: see Trees for the future: carbon offset programs. We are planning to participate in this program.)

Please see An Inconvenient Truth and urge your friends and family to see it, too. Visit, write your senators and representatives, and urge Al Gore to run for president. Something has changed in him since the election was stolen from him - he's unafraid to stand up and speak what is right. This is what we need now. More importantly, this is what our children need and deserve.

Links from a friend with some comments from me:

May we bring honor and hope back to this country!