95 Theses of Geek Activism

I came across this today, and really enjoyed it: 95 Theses of Geek Activism.

Perhaps it helps that I identify as a hacker in the manner described in the first thesis. Geek Activism is really all about being smart, thinking for yourself and not simply accepting what others say just because they happen to be on TV or run the corporations or government (the differences between these are fading).

Read them. Follow the links. You'll learn a little bit more about me - and maybe a little bit more about yourself, too. I'll end with a quote that comes to mind, perhaps because activists are geeks, too (though they may not know it).

People single me out for being an activist, but I always say that the impulse is inborn - it just needs to be nurtured. It starts when you're little, and you see some kids being unkind to another kid on the bus. Maybe you do something. Maybe you don't. But there was that little hint in your brain that something was wrong, that you weren't comfortable with the situation.

Throughout your life, you have the opportunity to learn from that experience, to react to that little voice inside of you that says something has crossed your moral bottom line, to ignore what others are telling you to do and honor your impulse. The very core of being an activist is being true to yourself.

-- Susan Sarandon