Internet Identity Workshop Dec 3-5

Just finished installing OpenID into the IIW MediaWiki - please see

This was much harder than it should have been, as there are multiple OpenID plugins that claim to work with MediaWiki, and several of these claim to work with the latest OpenID-2.0.0-rc5 but finally the new version 0.7.0 of the standard MediaWiki OpenID extension fit the bill perfectly after dropping back to the v1.2.3 library. A million thanks to evanpro and, of course, JanRain.

All that tech stuff aside, I'm excited to have the opportunity to attend the first day of the Workshop (I have other commitments for the the other two days. which I am actually happy for as they are paying my fare across the country). In particular, I want to explore the use of barx to support alternate XRI/i-name roots so that federations of running proxy resolvers can be upgraded on the fly to include new local roots, simply by distributing a new plugin. The value of this to the many grass-roots organizations I work with at CivicActions can't be over stated.

I look forward to seeing many of my colleagues next week as they gather to move the state of the art of user-centric digital identity forward another step.