Last Day for Great Harvest

Mt Lebanon and the whole South Hills is about to lose (IMO) one of its most valuable assets - Great Harvest Bakery located directly across from the Lebanon shops. Tomorrow, Friday the 30th of November, 2007 will be the last day this fine bakery will offer its unique-to-this-area mix of whole-wheat and cracked-grain breads, muffins and other delectable delights. Nowhere else in this area (that I know of, anyway) can one escape the bland, unhealthy white-flour breads and muffins, and as of Saturday, well, I guess we'll just have to bake our own. Even the Giant Eagle Market District only bakes with white flour.

I understand the reason for the closure: owner/baker/proprietor Jen - a wonderful and friendly woman - is just plain tired of waking up at 4am to get the ovens going for the morning rush. I know I couldn't do that, so no hard feelings. But she and her cranberry-raisin, apple and chocolate-chocolate chip muffins will be sorely missed.