"Yes We Can" Obama Music Video

Black Eyed Peas' will.i.am and director Jesse Dylan, Bob Dylan's son created this "song" - essentially written by Barack Obama. The lyrics are adapted from his "Yes We Can" speech after the New Hampshire primary. "Yes We Can" was inspired by Cesar Chavez's motto for a United Farm Workers hunger strike in 1972.


I remember back to when I was five - starting to become aware of the world around me - and John Fitzgerald Kennedy was president. My father had great respect for this man who was President of the United States. I did, too, and I cried a year later when he was assassinated.

My son - now six - has become aware of the world with a President he thinks of a stupid (a bad word), corrupt and mean. This saddens me greatly.

Barack Obama is the first presidential hopeful that truly inspires me. I say it that way, as Dennis Kucinich also inspires me, but the U.S. is just not ready for a vegan president. Yes, I thought Bill Clinton was a great statesman and capable leader, but I was not inspired. His wife, unfortunately, I fear is the ultimate politician, with every word coming out of her mouth calculated to land with maximum effect to whoever her current audience is. I don't trust her a bit. Nor do I trust McCain, who though centrist, has only one strong position in his platform: war is good.

But Barack Obama speaks like a man who not only believes (Bush's only quality) but also thinks and is aware of the world around him. He seems capable, and while he may make some mistakes (heck, even JFK made some pretty serious mistakes) he will strive to do the right thing by the people of the United States and the world. And where people on all sides of the aisle are saying they want change, he's - in my opinion - the only viable candidate that represents a hope for change.

I want my son to grow up with a President we can all believe in. A President who will work to right the wrongs that have been committed in recent years, and a President who has a dream - a good dream - for where we can be in the future.

I hope we can.