DrupalCon DC 2009: Quality Assurance and the Drupal Development Process

At DrupalCon DC 2009 I co-presented a talk on Quality Assurance and the Drupal Development Process with fellow CivicActions' team member Nathaniel Catchpole. We covered how agile techniques such as User Stories, Acceptance Tests and Test Driven Design (e.g., using SimpleTest, phpunit or Selenium) can be used pro-actively, before trouble is discovered. Here is the slide deck (pdf) and video from the presentation. We look forward to blogging more on how quality assurance techniques can be used to help ensure that clients receive the site they want on time and on budget. For example, check out the civicactions module that, among other things, adds a line to admin/logs/status to show the SVN tag and revision number. In cooperation with the SimpleTest module, it can perform a series of site setup checks, such as confirming that caching is turned on and that recommended modules are installed.