Dreams become Reality

At the first CivicActions "off-site" in Amsterdam, we created a vision for ourselves and for the world. As a new father and provider for my small family, and as someone who has unfortunately never broken into the real estate market, I was pleased that this item made the list with general consensus: "every member owns their home or has the ability to".

It seemed like an impossibility just two years ago, yet today our mortgage on a home in Pittsburgh, Penn. was approved. Granted, we're not buying a house in San Francisco (where a friend bought a single garage spot for $185,000 to go with his purchase of half of a duplex a few years ago) but we're exceedingly happy! We extensively researched where to buy over the last few years with three primary criteria:

  1. Excellent public schools
  2. Affordable real estate
    • for just $50,000 more than that garage I mentioned above, we're getting a two car garage attached to a four bedroom house with full basement and a yard large enough for badminton on a dead-end road just a two-block walk to school on a tree-lined, quiet street;
  3. Proximity to a good sized city/college town for culture, technology, etc.

I am honored to work with the people of CivicActions as we help our clients create our shared vision of a better world.

I feel blessed that CivicActions' vision has enabled my family to achieve its dream.

Update 16 April 2008:
PopCity, a local e-magazine, published a story on our Search for the Best City to Live with more info on why we came here and what we like about Mt. Lebanon.

Update 11 February 2009:
Elaine joined the PopCity staff writing a bi-weekly article as New Girl in Town (also on Twitter)

Update 22 December 2008:
The High School renovation took a big step forward today with a strong possibility of including a LEED Silver certification!


Welcome to Mt. Lebanon!

Welcome to Mt. Lebanon!