Obama Signs Stolen

Everyone on our street who had an Obama yard sign (about 20 or more) had them stolen last night. I agree with Peter Frampton that this is an affront to freedom of speech. But now the Obama campaign will get more money as all the neighbors I've talked to are planning to replace them today.

Pisses me off, though.


I had two Obama-Biden yard

I had two Obama-Biden yard signs in my yard, in Woodstock, Georgia, The FAIRWAYS Sub-division. Tonight, October 31, 2008 I came home and found them stolen. It is sad to think of the small minded control freaks that do not believe in freedom; they would be SO small minded as to steal a sign. Now down my block my neighbor has their McCain sign out. I wouldn't DREAM of stealing it. I believe in the American freedom to demonstrate. How sad that the small minded creep who stole my signs thinks otherwise. Do you think that robber was a REPUBLICAN??????????

Totally agreed. I've not

Totally agreed. I've not done phone banking, but I've contributed more than I can probably afford to in cash and have gone door-to-door canvassing several times. Along with my family, I'm hanging several hundred last day GOTV door hangers this morning, and Elaine - ofter with our son, Steven - has been working almost every day for the last several weeks for the local Obama office. I also helped her create her blog http://mamasforobama.net which includes a picture of our kittens, Barack and Hillary. ;)

Hey don't get mad, get even -

Hey don't get mad, get even - but in an honorable (and more effective) way. For the first time in my life I've been phone banking, at the local Obama HQ. Justifies my US citizenship, and it's fun to be doing it with so many eager, albeit worried, people. I don't think lawn signs will matter at this stage, nor can you persuade anyone, but you can get someone to the polls who otherwise might not quite get around to it. The election will be won or lost on the vote turnout. Go to www.barackobama.com ad it will let you know what to do.

If you get even one extra person to the polls, it's like voting twice!