Big Oil and Us

From a recent email I sent to friends:

I am angered at the pervasive causes of the spill in the Gulf that are far more wide reaching than the terrible effect the oil is having on the environment.  Our country's addiction to fossil fuels and our willingness to blind ourselves to the effects that such non-sustainable choices have on our only planet - the one we will be leaving to our children - are truly monstrous. The following - from the Toronto Globe and Mail - made what little hair I have left stand up:

Suspending the [BP shareholder] dividend to meet American political demands could set a dangerous international precedent, they said. It would in effect allow other countries to insist that any oil company found responsible for a big spill suspend its dividend until all damages are paid. “This is a decision that BP should not take lightly. 

Shouldn't we demand that all oil companies be responsible?  Shouldn't those investing in or insuring oil companies be demanding that all needed safety measures are taken?  Ditto for coal and the environmental catastrophes it causes - not to mention the lives they both claim.  Yes, such measures will probably increase the costs of fossil fuels, but isn't it time that the US gets out of the Mideast and declares war on fossil fuels?  Talk about creating jobs!  Let's put people to work building mass transit, creating new energy grids carrying solar, wind and probably (I can't believe I'm saying this) nuclear power.  Let's make sustainable electricity and electric vehicles.  And while we're at it, let's promote locavore initiatives and learn to eat and live locally.  And why are half of our elected officials against such measures?  One excellent way to support these initiatives is to educate your neighbors.  If you've got some ideas or stories to tell along these lines, please add your comments.  Maybe we can start a movement for sanity.  Or support a group like NextAgenda.


Mr. W

A friend (thanks, Tracy!) reminded me of this excellent video.  It might take watching it twice to get it, but it's worth it: