Vote for Kerry - not just against Bush

I'm aloft somewhere between Rome and Cincinnati, jetting back towards my crazed, stupefied, dangerous country after three days in Berlin. I dread coming home. You know things have taken a paradoxical turn when Germany feels safe, sane, and free by comparison with the United States of America. But that's how it looks to me.

That's how it looks to the Germans too. The idea that we might actually re-elect George Bush is unfathomable - indeed, inexcusable - to them. As one of them put it to me, "We can forgive you for electing him once.

Baghdad Year Zero

This is a great article. This stuff just doesn't appear in mainstream media. It's an analysis of what's been happening economically and politically in Iraq since the war started. Long, but IMO, well worth the read.



Lessig on IP

I have fought software patents for years, and am equally appalled at the creeping (creepy?) unlimited enforcement of copyright. Staford law professor Lawrence Lessig recently had this to say:

Tuesday sharpened the definition of the ongoing legal struggle to satisfy both proprietary and open source advocates through equitable intellectual property regulations.

How to Save the World

As you can tell, I'm not much of a blogger - no entries for five months! But when I saw the How to Save the World roadmap I had to say something about it. The 27 steps outlined are so simple and straightforward - it's a shame that we fancy ourselves "civilized" yet the chances of these steps being followed by any organization or government of significant size are minimal.

Dean for President

I just saw Howard Dean speak, and though I've liked him - and have planned to vote for him - for some time now, I'm finally jazzed enough to start telling people about him. He spoke on the economy, foreign policy and education, and then answered questions.

spineless Democrats

Haven't blogged in a while - I'm just getting used to this - and I feel I need to practice...

It strikes me that the Democrats seem to be so incapable of mounting an offensive against a president that clearly fabricated evidence to pull this country into a costly (in many ways) war, while the Republicans never seem to be at a loss to take a simple issue (like a President's mistress) and blow it up into an impeachable offense.

Another sad thing to watch is the trouble the Dems have in raising money.


My friend Mitch Ratcliffe sent me an email today asking if I could help create some technology for the Dean campaign. There's a lot to do - a lot of great opportunities for coders looking to create effective community action.

It's all volunteer for now.

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