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From: http://solidarity.indymedia.org.uk/ :

Indymedia is a global media network that provides open space to publish challenging, independent reporting, with emphasis on political and social justice issues.

2idi's Open Source Vision

With Identity Commons going live this past Monday, I finally had a moment to breathe and write a bit about our business model, which depends upon our software being open source and available.

At 2idi (disclaimer: I am a co-founder) we are building open source software to give people complete control over their personal information.

We are basing our technology on a new, open (OASIS) standard called XRI that provides, among other things, data portability.

From Baghdad

This has been traveling around the net the last few days. Farnaz Fassihi, a Wall Street Journal reporter sent this frank and bleak look at "the situation" in Iraq in an e-mail to friends:


Farnaz' story has been backed by a WSJ editor and others (see
Pulling Back the Curtain: What a Top Reporter in Baghdad Really Thinks About the War

Humor: Florida Voting System

Here's an opportunity to try the Florida electronic voting system.


Vote for Kerry - not just against Bush

I'm aloft somewhere between Rome and Cincinnati, jetting back towards my crazed, stupefied, dangerous country after three days in Berlin. I dread coming home. You know things have taken a paradoxical turn when Germany feels safe, sane, and free by comparison with the United States of America. But that's how it looks to me.

That's how it looks to the Germans too. The idea that we might actually re-elect George Bush is unfathomable - indeed, inexcusable - to them. As one of them put it to me, "We can forgive you for electing him once.

Baghdad Year Zero

This is a great article. This stuff just doesn't appear in mainstream media. It's an analysis of what's been happening economically and politically in Iraq since the war started. Long, but IMO, well worth the read.



John Beatty Followup

Finally following up to a blog entry by John Beatty regarding a conversation he and I had back in June at Planetwork.

FOAF meets XRI

FOAF uses the mbox field as a primary key. Here's a super-simple FOAF record:

Virtual Rights

Jaco Aizenman just wrote me via the Anonymity group of orkut asking for

any comments you may have on Virtual Rights and Virtual Identity.

Details on:

Virtual Rights:

  1. To have a Virtual Identity
  2. Not to have a Virtual Identity

Letting Go

I've been running my web servers off of a machine in my home office for eleven years (since August 1993).

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